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About Us:

A successful protective security business is one that not only sends customers and clients home happy, but is one that sends customers and clients home safe to their families. We know that its easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life's events.  At Protective Security Specialists, LLC we provide you and your family with professionals who take their jobs very serious, that failure is not an option. Just like the samurai in medieval times that were sworn to protect their Lord and who conducted their duties by the Bushido Code, Protective Security Specialists, LLC is also sworn by this same code, and that failure could mean the difference between life and death and failure when it comes to your safely is not an option.  

Protective Security Specialists, LLC was founded in 2000 by Michael Vincent in Jacksonville, Florida. Our idea for the business came from the owner-Michael Vincent. His 28 years of experience as a professional bodyguard and high threat protective security specialist allowed him to visualize what he wanted to do for a career choice in life, and what he wanted to do for the people that he is sworn to protect or train throughout his ventures in life. Please read below under Team Biographies to better understand the owners qualifications and what he can do for you.

Call us at 904-419-7887 if you're looking for an expert and efficient solution to your security and tactical training needs.

Team Biographies: